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Oss St. Taylor writes inspirational speeches, gives motivational lectures and writes positively on relationships to enhance peace, personal growth, love and family relationships, social etiquette and harmony. With a bachelor’s in Journalism from the London School of Journalism, and 2nd bachelor’s in English and African American Studies, and a master’s in Educational Leadership, Taylor has access to fifty million single students weekly.

7 thoughts on “About Loss

  1. Dr Vance

    As suggested in the book [Theft of Innocence], bullies come in many forms: older siblings, parents, school yard extortionists, traffickers, racketeers, drug dealers, or even government. It really quite simple. The bully’s agenda is exploitation, and the major weapon of choice is extortion.
    To disarm the bully, simply empower the bullied. This holds true in politics as well as neighborhood interactions. If there is no one to bully, the bully is powerless. However straight resistance empowers the bully through recognition and confirmation that the bully “matters”.

    Our environment expects reaction to supports it’s negative, harmful plights. If the environment gets no reaction, the cycle dies off. Remember, what we resist persists. Simply, chose to not fan the flames of exploitation, empower the bullied, and let the bullies die of starvation. Let the bullies smother under their own piles of dirty laundry.
    === END ===

    1. Loss St. Taylor

      Hi Nweke!
      My goal is to get people like you talking…. and listening and airing your views.

      It’s great to hear from you! Did you enjoy the radio show? There will be more on Tuesday evenings 6:30 pm. It’s called Divas Express.

      Feel free to write me and ask me questions on positive relationships, or about difficult relationships.

      More grease….

      Keep listening and writing…..

      L Oss St. Taylor

  2. ebere

    I really want to join you on the program on radio divas express please do you think it is possible,cause I have a great passion for talking about lifestyle.

    1. Loss St. Taylor


      You can definitely join me. As I requested, check out Skype so we can communicate further. Go ahead and keep emailing me on oss.st.taylor@gmail.com. I will see you soon in order for you to join me. Also, send me your outline on positive relationships and lifestyles. Please send it directly to my email.

      Thanks a lot.


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