Stay happy

How to Stay Happy in a Happy Relationship or End an Abusive One

Tell-tale Signs She May be Cheating

• She stops the incessant chatter that bores you when you return back from work, and retires to the other room, either to play with the kids as her safety net, or to round up other monotonous chores.
• She stops undressing in your presence. She begins to avoid communication and polite discussions.
• She no longer “puts out.”
• She begins to leave the house more often for all sorts of reasons, especially the yoga, karate, aerobics, dance class, or some silly classes that did not surface before.
• She begins to leave the house messy which used to be a joy for her to clean up.
• She stops sitting with you in the living room to share your exciting or boring NFL or NBA moments.
• She begins to go out alone. Wherever she goes is none of your business.
• She begins to stay on the phone longer and longer with her mother and siblings. Their topic is centered on yours truly!
• She begins to criticize everything you do, and begins to idolize fine actors like Denzel, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Marty Mar (Martin Lawrence), and or Eddie Murphy.
• A dapper appearance, a nice new hair-cut, a great exercise routine, daily drink of protein shake, and some new wardrobe.

Tell-tale Signs He May Be Cheating

• He disappears for long hours at a time.
• He runs off to the garage or bathroom to make secret phone calls.
• He texts more often than usual.
• He’s ever so jumpy. He offers explanations before you ask.
• He begins to look dapper, and has a new walk; that macho swagger.
• If he used to be a couch-potato, he suddenly takes a new work-out routine, and starts a great protein-shake diet.
• He begins to neglect your children especially if they are yours.
• He no longer wishes to communicate so you are lucky to get one word out of him.
• He has already lost interest in sex with you. He is probably getting it somewhere else.
• He no longer compliments you.
• He no longer has any interest in any members of your family especially your mother. He never did in the first place!
• He removes your photograph out of his wallet. Look closely, the wedding ring is sometimes missing.