How to Stay in a Posh Social Media Relationship: Step by Step Guide to Random Acts of Kindness & Four Paths of Social Media Anger

Excerpts on Random Acts of Kindness:
• Smile at perfect strangers. It costs you nothing.
• Pray for those in need.
• Visit the sick.
• Post a happy note on social media.
• Use social media for daily prayers by sending prayers to friends/family.
• Continue the tradition of writing thank you notes especially on social media. Design cards on your computer and post them for all occasions.
• Say I’m sorry on social media, and in person more often.
• Write something positive about your friends on social media.
• Respond positively to a tweet.
• Log on to Facebook on a daily basis with a positive message.
• Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you on the queue.
• Use your faith to spread good news.
• Pay the toll for the person behind you.
• When leaving a restaurant, some of us pack up brown bags, give it to the next homeless person you meet. And do so with a smile.
• Take time out of your day to compliment someone.
• “Put a coin in an expired car-parking meter.”
• Surprise someone you don’t know with a token.
• Offer your seat to an elderly or pregnant lady in crowded places.
• Use the Facebook page to bring someone out of their doldrums, not tear people down.
• Learn to listen, and “do not interrupt when someone is explaining herself.”
• Take time to get to know your neighbors, especially if they live alone.
• Take the time to write and inform your mentor that your life has changed through his or her efforts.
• Volunteer your time to help an animal in need.
• “Throw away your trash, and someone else’s – after a movie or visit to a park.”
• “Leave a generous tip for a pleasant waiter,” or waitress.
• “Pass along a great book after reading.”
As simple as these sound, whether on social media or in real life, these guides would help to make the world a better place.