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      1. Tobechi Harry Nze

        I understand that the First Lady Michelle Obama was in Asia last week trying to encourage education for girls. Back home in the US, she had rocked the world with her “Black Girls Rock!” Some one should advice Mrs Obama to enlist the likes of Loss St.Taylor in her drives to uplift the lot of the girls and womanhood generally. Loss is intelligent, focused and tenacious. She is a positive personality about to
        explode in the global writing arena. Her ideas are as simple as her personality.

        1. Loss St. Taylor

          To Honorable Harry Tobechi Nze,

          Thanks for your vote of confidence. Education for girls is education for any nation, and for the whole world. Those 267 girls that were abducted from Borno State have not been heard from since then. My heart bleeds for their families. Let’s work to end human trafficking as soon as possible.

    1. Loss St Taylor

      It is a great story about the belief in the Supreme Being, and the attempt to convert an atheist character. Divided into four sections, the story about the characters distinguishes the Manley Pointer and Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Hopewell and the girl, Hulga with the “ugly name.”

      There is an epiphany by one of the characters. Everyone is encouraged to read Good Country People for its ironies and moral message.

    1. Loss St. Taylor

      Acts of Kindness includes having polite conversations with a black person in America without being insulting, condescending and stereotypical. Acts of Kindness includes actually having a modest conversation with someone different from you without embarrassing them about their dialect, accent, features, and pronunciation.

      Acts of Kindness means not profiling Mexicans and not violating the rights of young black men.

      Giving up your seat to the elderly, helping a struggling mother with a stroller, luggage or bags of groceries with her children.

      Taking the garbage out for your sick neighbor, and running errands for the elderly means kindness.

      Sharing what you have with those who don’t have.

      Praying for those who hate you, and making peace with those who despise you.

    1. Loss St. Taylor

      Go into Google Chrome and choose the typing drills option, and practice two hours per day five days a week, and while you’re at it, it won’t hurt to practice your computer office systems training complete with formatting.

  1. Eid Elgedi

    HI Loss!
    This is my comment on relationship.
    Relationship means commitment, love, compassion, and togetherness forever and ever.

    1. L Oss St. Taylor

      There are lots of positive stories coming out of long distance relationships. Absence makes love fonder. When you hardly see the person you’re in love with, the result is likely to be more positive because you and the person will not get on each other’s nerves on a daily basis.

      Long distance relationships or across countries may be viewed as bad depending on what you want to get out of the relationship. If you desire children, long distance may not be as productive and fruitful because you need to consummate and develop intimacy in order to have children. If you desire a wedding, you may not be able to conduct the typical David’s Bridal or the positive Oss St. Taylor Positive Relationship kind of wedding or an Instagram, Facebook, Web Photo Chat or chat room/Match.com wedding.

      When you’re always on the phone with the person, you may not be able to solve certain issues such as cheating.

      Nowadays, we get a lot out of long distance relationships through the internet, websites, emails, Facebook. etc.

      1. Skinny

        I think another important factor is what reason is the relationship long distance and for how long? Is it school, work, or just because one person in the relationship needs a change for whatever reason? Is it temporary with an end date, or open to see what happens? I think the most important question to ask, does this separation ultimately benefit the future of the relationship?

        1. Loss St. Taylor

          Long distance relationships can benefit the partners in the relationship, especially if one is very positive and not negative.

          First of all, ask yourself why you entered into the relationship in the first instance. Separations can ultimately benefit the relationship because neither partner is around to smother, bug and suffocate the other.

          Long distance relationship can also depend on other people’s preferences. If you enjoy smothering and suffocation, the long distance relationship is bad for you.

          If you like your space, are focused to remaining on task and staying truthful. If you know that you can be very faithful to your loved one, and can remain monogamous, then the long distance relationship will work for you.

          Above all, remain true to your convictions. Keep peace within your soul and keep living without expecting anyone else to make you happy. Happiness lies within your soul.

  2. Olivie

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