End the Massacre on Christians in Black Churches

While the activists such as L Oss St. Taylor grieves with families of the 9 people killed at Charleston, SC, it is crucial for Americans to remember that this is a nation founded on religious freedom.  The label of religious freedom must be devoid of racism and hate.  Let’s end the hate on blacks.  Get rid of guns. Take care of the mentally ill.

3 thoughts on “End the Massacre on Christians in Black Churches

  1. Skinny

    How do you suggest we “end the hate on blacks”? In the case of the Charleston tragedy, what does it have to do with the Mentally Ill? I think blaming the MI for horrors like this is a bit ridiculous and is just used to distract from the real issues which is racism pure and simple.

    1. Oss Taylor Post author

      The post did not blame the mentally-ill for the massacre. Please read the post again. Going on a shooting rampage does not exactly strike one as healthy living or sane living, does it? Your comment is well-appreciated.

  2. Loss St. Taylor

    If you’re totally sane and happy with your own life, why take the lives of others? If we call the massacre, “hate” or “racism,” what difference does it make? Of what purpose is your comment? Does your comment denounce hate or racism? If you baptize the action, and fail to condemn it or grieve with the grieving families, what have you achieved? If you’re only interested in labeling the action, but fail to make a suggestion to end it, don’t write anything on this website.


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