2 thoughts on “Fight to end torture and join Human Rights Watch!

  1. Loss St. Taylor

    From Human Rights Watch

    Tell Obama: Don’t Look the Other Way. Justice Must Be Delivered.

    Sign the petition calling on the Obama administration to order a full criminal investigation into torture and other serious abuses authorized by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other senior US officials.

    CIA officials knew from the beginning that so-called enhanced interrogation techniques were illegal. Rather than letting this go as an unfortunate policy decision, help demand that Obama appoint a special prosecutor to investigate and prosecute US officials who authorized, oversaw, or participated in torture—no matter their position or rank.

    Unite your voice with countless others. Sign the petition, and tell Obama that torture should NEVER be tolerated. Period.

    Dear President Obama,

    Despite overwhelming evidence of torture and other ill-treatment of numerous detainees in US custody after the September 11, 2001 attacks—including the recently released summary of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program—the US government has not held a single senior official accountable. The CIA used techniques such as “rectal rehydration,” painful stress positions, and days of continuous sleep deprivation on detainees who were often chained, naked, or diapered, in their cells.

    While I fully endorse your decision to end the use of torture during your administration, I am deeply concerned that if the people who planned and carried out torture in the name of the American people are not brought to justice, a future president and administration may view torture as a viable policy option.

    Legally, the US government is obligated under the Convention against Torture to investigate and prosecute cases of torture under its jurisdiction. Therefore, I urge you to use the full extent of the powers of your office to prevent the US from ever engaging in torture again. One vital step you can take is to appoint a special prosecutor to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the conduct described in the Senate Intelligence Committee’s summary, including all acts authorizing or ordering the use of torture or other forms of coercive interrogation.


    Human Rights Watch

  2. Dr Vance

    As suggested in the book [Theft of Innocence], bullies come in many forms: older siblings, parents, school yard extortionists, traffickers, racketeers, drug dealers, or even government. It really quite simple. The bully’s agenda is exploitation, and the major weapon of choice is extortion.
    To disarm the bully, simply empower the bullied. This holds true in politics as well as neighborhood interactions. If there is no one to bully, the bully is powerless. However straight resistance empowers the bully through recognition and confirmation that the bully “matters”.

    Our environment expects reaction to supports it’s negative, harmful plights. If the environment gets no reaction, the cycle dies off. Remember, what we resist persists. Simply, chose to not fan the flames of exploitation, empower the bullied, and let the bullies die of starvation. Let the bullies smother under their own piles of dirty laundry.

    === END ===


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